Thursday, May 14, 2009

North Carolina bans smoking

That's a four-word sentence I knew I'd never write. But it's going to happen as soon as Gov. Bev Perdue signs the law passed by the state House yesterday.

On a purely selfish, personal level, I'll be happy to no longer come home from a restaurant or bar with smoke-infused clothing. But as a matter of principle, this is a sad day for property owners. Setting aside cigar bars, private clubs, and some hotel rooms, the state ban outlaws smoking at all places of employment in the state -- including home-based businesses and one-person operations (think small convenience stores or shoe repair shops).

The law prevents state or local governments from banning smoking in private residences ... for now. (Strike that; you can't smoke in your home if you provide child-care services.)

So that exemption won't last forever.

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