Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Yanks owe A-Rod how much? For how long?

Alex Rodriguez will undergo surgery next week to remove a cyst from his hip. Unless you're a fantasy baseball player or a Yankees season ticket holder, the obvious question is, could his admitted use of steroids have contributed to this condition?

My lovely and talented intended, who's a nurse, suggested as much when she first heard this. And it turns out that at a minimum, frequent use of anabolic steroids could make it possible for osteoarthritis to set in prematurely, as the abstract of this study from the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation concludes.

Which makes the statement Yanks GM Brian Cashman made after A-Rod's mid-February press conference even more telling:

Well, we're not in a position to go backwards on this. The position we're in is to try to move forward and make sure that we can help him get through this. We've got nine years of Alex remaining. … We've invested in him as an asset. And because of that, this is an asset that is going through a crisis. So we'll do everything we can to protect that asset and support that asset and try to salvage that asset.

The value of that asset's dropping faster than shares of Citi.

UPDATE: Apparently the Yanks and A-Rod have chosen rest and rehab over surgery on his torn labrum. Still, we wonder if this unusual injury resulted from unnatural causes. And whether it's a chronic condition he'll have to deal with for years to come.

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