Monday, March 02, 2009

Not waiting for the corpse to get cold

Newly elected U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, isn't likely to get many Christmas cards from former staffers at the Rocky Mountain News.

The Denver Post and report the far-left, super-rich Internet entrepreneur crowed about the Rocky's closure at a Nutroots, er, Netroots gathering in the Denver suburbs the day after the Rocky's final edition.

"We killed the Rocky Mountain News... Long live new media," said Polis.

It took Polis about a second and a half to start weaseling his way out when contacted by the Post Monday:

The end of the Rocky Mountain News was a blow to all of us in Colorado. We were proud to have a city that had two powerful voices, two daily venues for informing the public, and a diversity of editorial voices. Not only has Colorado lost over 200 jobs, but the voice of the RMN has been silenced.

Indeed, some of the blame rests with new media. While there are many other factors that have contributed such as the recession and a decline in advertising, the very fact that we are discussing this issue here, in the online forum of the DP, is demonstrative of the rise of new media. The newspaper industry has yet to figure out how to monetize online traffic, and until they do, I worry not only about the demise of the RMN but I worry about the future of a strong third estate across our great nation.

As the Post pointed out, journalism is the fourth estate, not the third estate, but hey, statists are too busy dancing on the Rocky's grave to bother with details.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could care more, but I have witnessed very shoddy reporting in stories I have been involved in---for example I was the psychiatrist at Limestone prison when the chain gang was there, and the media reported that wrongly. I have also seen the media rip apart a private heart surgeon and drive him to a suicide attempt (Owensboro, KY Messenger-Inquirer).

It's a competitive world. You will be replaced with something, eventually. But I shed no tears that the MSM, who failed its customers dismally in the last election, is taking a hard shot to the crotch. (The Washington Times and NR are doing OK)