Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ban Bonds

I'm stunned that Bud Selig said he would review the allegations in Game of Shadows, the forthcoming expose of Barry Bonds' allegedly voracious appetite for performance-enhancing chemicals.

Look, MLB had planned to cash in big time on Bonds' pursuit of Babe Ruth and Henry Aaron. If Selig is not just blowing smoke, The Round Mound of Dinger Renown might be in trouble. Wow.

As several sportswriters have noted, the book is so meticulously detailed that Bonds cannot credibly stonewall. Doing so would be a tacit admission of guilt. His only options are admitting it's true or suing the authors to the hilt.

I'm guessing Selig hopes this matter is moot before April. Either a) the feds indict Bonds for lying to a grand jury or tax evasion -- then Bud could suspend him until the legal battles are over -- or b) Bonds' body has been so devastated by his rapacious substance abuse that he can I just feel bad. I don't want to throw things in his face when he is inconsistent. Or be an ungrateful bitch because I know he is trying. I wonder what he thinks that he isn't talking to me I wonder what he thinks that he isn't talking to me about.

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