Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garden blogging: Part the second

I finished the project this morning. (And did some more stuff, mainly weed removal from another bed.)

For the story so far, go here.

I started this morning by giving the bed one last blast of Roundup and then covering the dirt with newsprint. (A few years ago, a single Sunday paper might have done the trick, but we all know what's happened to the newspaper biz.)

I even managed to find a front page that had Dook on it, so I could bury 'em, haha. (Hey, it was the one when they went to visit Obama at the White House. Two for the price of one.)

Next, I put landscaping cloth over the papers and secured the cloth with stakes. It too exactly one roll to cover the area.

Next step: some dirt. Cheap topsoil to give the forthcoming mulch a little better sticking power.

Then, the mulch. Ten bags of it. And I could have used a couple more. Fortunately, the previous owners of the house piled leaves by the back fence (possibly to make compost), so with a couple of garden cartfuls, I had enough rich stuff to fill in.

Finally, I moved containers into place.

Not a bad couple of mornings' work, if I say so myself.

Finally, photos of a couple of smaller flower beds I forgot to post earlier. The plants in the top one were dang near eaten up by the bugs and the birds and the rodents. They'ver bounced back wonderfully.