Friday, August 17, 2007

Michael Vick should never play football again

Not in this country, anyway. At least not for money. (OK, I realize I haven't posted in more than a month. Time flies, etc., etc.)

If Roger "Mr. Clean" Goodell wants his get-tough rhetoric to be taken seriously, Vick needs to be banished for life.

Why? If Vick is innocent, or is guilty of no more than letting a bunch of unsavory dudes run a criminal enterprise on his property without his knowledge or consent, then he has to go to trial and fight the allegations with every weapon at his deep-pocketed disposal.

If instead he pleads, then he admits he participated in some way. And he's unworthy of ever playing a professional sport again. (Yes, I know he can join the WWE, but that's another story.)

Nobody, not even No. 7, has a right to be a professional athlete. Once he has sullied the game, he can be kicked out of the league. AFAIK there are morals and "best interests of the sport" provisions in the standard contract. So any admission of guilt in this case amounts to an admission that he violated the morals clause.

So he's out. Or he should be. And if he isn't, the NFL and whatever depraved owner signs him deserves all the derision it will get.