Monday, February 19, 2007

The merger

So XM and Sirius intend to hook up. I dunno.

Plenty of analysts have been saying this should have happened long ago. Since I used to listed to Sirius when I was a Dish Network customer and have subscribed to XM since the end of 2002, I appreciated having both around.

The corporate press release does suggest that if regulators don't balk at the deal, the new satellite provider will offer "a la carte" programming. That's good.

Of course, there is the problem of providing feeds through proprietary hardware, and how long-term subscribers will be handled. Like me. I signed up for three years in 2006 so my monthly fee would not exceed $10. The worry now, of course, is that with no competition, the battle to provide a variety of receivers at ever-shrinking prices will end. And that programming alternatives might dwindle over time.

Guess we'll see. At least I have a couple more years paid up to decide whether to stick with it.