Saturday, March 04, 2006

Crunchy or soggy?

My first bylined story for the Rocky: a contrary view of Rod Dreher's Crunchy Cons, a book that asks how people with conservative political view can also live more "organic" lives. (The short version of my view -- they can, and they don't have to renounce the free market to do so.)

Rod's "point" is here.

My "counterpoint" is here.

I actually let Rod off with a stern warning, compared with the treatment he gets from his friend and former colleague Jonah Goldberg here. Then again, Jonah's writing for the congregation, not a more-general audience. Still, I'm with him.

If you're interested in the "movement," which Jonah calls a journalistic invention, NRO has established a blog for crunchies and their critics. All I can say is, if you're having doctrinal disputes over whether it's OK to buy gourmet coffee beans that aren't locally roasted, you're really not comfortable discussing Adam Smith and Milton Friedman.

Da game

It's tonight. If you don't understand the Carolina-Duke rivalry, this piece by a righteous Tar Heel alum (in National Review, again) tells it all. The comparisons of Roy Williams and Coach K are terrific. BTW, those of us in the Denver Carolina Club really can't figure out how fervently we'll pull for Team USA in the '08 Olympics, because, you know, that guy's the head coach.