Sunday, February 19, 2006


I have a plate and several screws in my left wrist. The pain has been negligible, thanks to rest, ice, elevation and excellent meds. The test comes Monday, when I return to work. I'll have to type with one hand for a week. But if all's well, on the 28th I will be fitted with a removable splint and will regain limited use of my dominant hand -- with full recovery expected in five or six weeks. High marks to everyone involved in this procedure.

Speaking of high marks ... check out the weekly column by Rocky Mountain News Publisher John Temple on reaction to our decision to publish a host of offensive cartoons last Sunday, along with a pro/con about the role of the press. (Check the Islamic cartoons link here.) The encouraging news: Most readers cheered the move.

Meantime, The Washington Post gives Danish editor Flemming Rose his say. Tom Paine and Patrick Henry would be proud.

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