Saturday, February 25, 2006

First sports post in awhile

I've been quiet, particularly about the Tar Heels because a) I'm just superstitious enough to not want to jinx them and 2) I have a fractured wrist, dammit.

Anywho, if Roy Williams is not selected national coach of the year, I'd hate to be one of the no voters. Imagine the e-mails. From my understanding, no D1 team has ever lost its entire starting five (let alone those guys and its top two bench players), and yet the defending nationl champs have been ranked 10 of the past 12 weeks and could finish second in the ACC. This, on a team that starts two freshmen and two former walk-ons, and plays a 6'-6" guy at power forward ... and is getting nearly 9 more rebounds than their opponents per game.

They turn the ball over too much, they can get smoked by teams with super-quick guards, and some games they can't hit jump shots.

Even so, Roy has been more than us life-member alums could have asked for as a coach, recruiter, teacher, and steward of the program. (And I was a skeptic early on.) Go Heels.

As for baseball, I expect the Braves to make it 15 division titles in a row. Roger McDowell will demonstrate the only coaching skill that eluded the amazing Leo Mazzone -- building confidence in a young but talented bullpen. The Mets again overspent and will underperform. No one else in the East will compete. And the Rockies will be lousy, but I'll watch them play at Coors a few times. Even when the Braves aren't in town.

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