Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Leaving Las Vegas

After four eventful and often positive years here in Southern Nevada, my family and I are headed for other environs. I'll soon be writing editorials for The Press-Enterprise in Riverside, California, another page with right-thinking people who, well, are in California, which is where (it turns out) we really wanted to be all along. The folks at the Review-Journal were very good to me, in many ways. I'll miss a lot of folks there, both in the newsroom and throughout the operation. My pal Steve Sebelius penned a generous farewell post on his blog, Under A Naked Bulb.

My former boss, John Kerr, was kind enough to let me to write a final column, which appeared Sunday. Don't know if I got the tone quite right. I e-mailed it to my wife, whose response was: "A little harsh, don't you think?" Oops. Maybe.

Anyway, the sentiments hold. So long as Las Vegas remains a small town, politically and culturally speaking, the corruption and scandals will keep on comng.

That said, we were fortunate enough to find (and then sell) a wonderful little house in a great neighborhood with delightful neighbors we actually know, I had a very positive working environment, and we did some fun things here. I'll miss hopping on my bike and riding to Red Rock Canyon and beyond; seeing some of the best blues bands in the world for free at Boulder Station Casino Thursday nights (it's the best entertainment deal in town, bar none); and enjoying primo bar food -- another underappreciated benefit of living in Las Vegas.

Then again, we'll be living in California, close to a lot of friends from whom we've grown too distant, and I'll be penning editorials for an agressive, up-and-coming page that describes itself as conservative on fiscal issues, moderate to liberal on social and environmental issues. Sounds like a good fit.

I will, however, have to put The Deregulator in mothballs. My new employers aren't comfortable with writers who are paid to represent the views of the paper also doing free-lance projects without prior approval -- which is understandable -- and so this page will have to shut down, perhaps forever. Even so, I hope to be back in the blogosphere in one form or another before too long. Meantime, the e-mail link on the left will remain active. Thanks for reading.