Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Williams Saga, next chapter

Haven't we been here before? Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council will decide whether to establish policies governing city employees who wish to serve in the Legislature. City Manager Doug Selby says the council will have two options: Ban city workers from the Legislature altogether, which would conveniently comport with the state constitution; or let city workers serve a second master but force double-dippers to take unpaid leave while they're in Carson City and take other steps to minimize potential conflicts. The former is, of course, the only legitimate choice. But given statements made by council members over the past couple of months, it's impossible to say how many (other than Lynette Boggs McDonald, who gets it) are smart enough to figure this out.

Meantime, the Las Vegas Sun, oblivious as usual, opines in favor of the latter option, completely ignoring the state constitution ... in fact, failing to even mention that rather germane document. The folks there wouldn't recognize Occam's Razor if it cut them. Stay tuned.

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