Sunday, December 21, 2003

I'm a seer (unfortunately)

In this week's column, Review-Journal Editor Tom Mitchell recalls something I wrote prior to the opening of the legislative session about budget deficits and public employee compensation ... about how the former could be eliminated if the latter were brought under control ... and how that would happen the time pigs start flying. From today's column:

Sure enough, there was not a peep during the session about public employee salaries, which Henderson reported are on average one-third again higher than those in the private sector in Nevada, or the defined-benefit retirement package that allows public employees to retire decades earlier than private workers and with pensions exponentially higher than anyone on Social Security could ever dream of, with or without wild avarice. ...

It is as solid as a law of nature: When money comes from the tax larder, there is no shame, no limit, no end.

Those who have followed the news reports in the Review-Journal since Henderson's prophetic column have seen his words borne out over and over again.

In this instance, being dead wrong would have easily been the better outcome.