Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Marlins win the pennant! The Marlins win the pennant!

Cagey, 72-year-old grandfather Jack McKeon and his kids defeat the storied Yankees ... in the Bronx. Best postgame moment: At his press conference, somebody asks Josh Beckett about his strategy in pitfching to Derek Jeter, and Becketts says, "I can't believe we're talking about this shit." Indeed. Terrific postseason. Congratulations.

Pleas, pleas, pleas

Strip club owner Michael Galardi, who's knee deep in indictments related to the political scandals in San Diego and Las Vegas, enters a guilty plea to FBI agents here in Sin City. Reports say that, in exchange for his cooperation, Galardi will pay a fine (or forfeit) $4 million and serve no more than five years in prison. And that's separate from the San Diego side of the scandal. If that's the sort of penalty the guy gets for cooperating, he must have some juicy details to share ... and the local targets of the investigation should be plenty worried.

Fall classic

With chili cooking in the crock pot back at the house, I made my first visit to the Valley of Fire State Park about an hour north of Las Vegas. It's a neat place, with stunning sandstone formations, some of which are 150 million years old or older. I selected a picnic area, pulled out the Sunday Review-Journal, a flask of coffee, one of my old brier pipes (and a bowl of English tobacco), and soaked up the gorgeous desert atmosphere. Today was perfect for a visit; the temp was about 75 degrees, with only a few high clouds to break up the deep blue skies. (In the summer, it's not unusual for the mercury to approach 120 up there.) If you ever visit Vegas between October 1 and April 30 and have several free daylight hours, it's well worth the trip.

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