Friday, July 11, 2003

Worse than I thought

Rob Natelson, a law professor at the University of Montana who's helped draft tax limitation initiatives, says the Nevada decision will be cited as precedent by teachers unions in other states that are trying to get supermajority tax requirements invalidated. What's not shocking about this is that the Review-Journal's Carri Thevenot, who reported the story, had to go to Montana to find a law professor who found the decision troubling. The geniuses who "teach" law at UNLV didn't really have any trouble with it:

Carl Tobias, who teaches constitutional law at UNLV's Boyd Law School, said he and other law professors on campus read the court's decision Thursday afternoon and discussed it with each other.
"I think it's an interesting opinion," Tobias said. "And I think the emphasis that I see is on education, and that the court speaks eloquently and forcefully to education as a fundamental right."
The professor said he agreed with Maupin when he questioned whether the court had to act now. He said the court had other alternatives, including giving the Legislature more time.
"Whether that would have been effective, I don't know," Tobias said.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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