Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Sometimes you gotta take it like a man

Gov. Kenny Guinn responds to The Wall Street Journal's July 2 (not July 15, as the press release states) editorial -- "The Republican Gray Davis," reprinted here -- with this whiny, interminable retort. To wit:

As Governor of Nevada, I had a duty to uphold the laws of my state and brought a lawsuit as quickly as I could in hopes of forcing our legislative body to meet its constitutional responsibility to provide for a meaningful educational system in this state. For me, protecting my constituents and upholding the laws of this state did not warrant the sophomoric sarcasm that you attached to it. ... In closing, I am disappointed with your newspaper's ability to print accurate editorials. Perhaps, before writing about Nevada again, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board should exercise its professional ethics and investigate the facts.

Sure, anybody can be thin-skinned, but geez, gov. You think a Republican governor who won re-election touting his fiscal conservatism and then turned around and demanded for a 30 percent increase in state spending during an economic downturn wouldn't get the Journal's attention? As one former Nevadan, Mr. Clemens, reportedly said, better to remain silent and be thought a fool ...

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