Friday, June 13, 2003

Nothin' doin'

Kenny Guinn gave lawmakers the equivalent of a time out Thursday, adjourning the special session of the Legislature until June 25. No tax plan came close to getting a 2/3 majority, and the Democratic leader in the Senate, UNLV professor Dina Titus, left town on Wednesday to take a scheduled vacation in Spain.

The session cost taxpayers at least $135,000. Now if lawmakers had used that time to, say, trim several million dollars in spending, it would have been money well spent. (As the Fram oil filter commercials used to say, you can pay me now or pay me later.) But they didn't. So here's my recommendation: Send the bill to Kenny. Assembly Republicans said at the end of the regular session if Guinn didn't re-open the budget and allow programs to be trimmed, no tax plan would get a 2/3 vote. They lived up to their word. So the entire 10-day exercise was a waste. Guinn didn't believe them. So now, let's ask him to pay.

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