Sunday, March 09, 2003

Coffee snob alert

We don't ususally shop at Vons (part of the Safeway network, for those unfamiliar with the chain), but my day was made last week when I was in our neighborhood store and discovered they're carrying Peet's coffee! I first discovered Peet's at the many Au Bon Pain bakery cafes in D.C. a decade ago, and we used to purchase Peet's by mail-order from San Fran. What's great about the stuff is that the folks at Peet's don't burn their beans beyond recognition (unlike, say the purveyors of a ubiquitous form of joe that originates in Seattle). I like the stuff so much that soon after my return to Reason's California HQ in 1997, some of us were able to prevail on the powers-that-be at the Reason Foundation to purchase Peet's for the office. (It probably helped our cause that Reason founder Bob Poole was a Peet's fan from way back.)

Anyway, since Peet's has no retail outlets in Las Vegas, we no longer have to order the nectar from San Fran; we can get it (and Lola's new favorite bean, Seattle's Best) in Vons. When we're on a Maxwell House budget, which is most of the time, we enjoy Trader Joe's Bay Blend -- which is intended to channel the best qualities of Peet's and Starbucks, and is a bargain at $5 a pound. Someday, when we're feeling prosperous, we'll do a blind, three-way tasting between Peet's, Seattle's Best, and TJ's. We'll get back to you.

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