Tuesday, December 10, 2002

LOTT-A NONSENSE: Strong piece on National Review Online by Robert A. George on why Trent Lott should be dumped by Senate Republicans ASAP. Some highlights:

Lott's Monday night "apology" "was very nice and, all things considered, one might give Lott the benefit of the doubt — if he didn't have a record, unmatched by any other current leading Republican of paying homage to a romanticized view of the 'old South.' ...
"Perhaps Sen. Lott should ask Alabama-born Condoleezza Rice — whose childhood friends were killed in a church bombing — if she believes her life would have been better if Strom Thurmond had become president. ...
"Most people don't expect a 100-year old Thurmond or an 85-year-old Robert Byrd (D., W.V.) to completely escape their racist pasts. But Trent Lott is an adult baby boomer, of the same generation as the current and previous presidents. The leaders of this generation supposedly went through the '60s and supposedly learned a few things about race. That seems true of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. But Trent Lott is waxing nostalgic about the Confederacy and Dixiecrats."

Besides, as George points out, Republicans can offer any number of superior alternatives, from Bill Frist to Mitch McConnell to Don Nickles, who actually stand for something and would not embarrass the party, its faithful, or the nation, for that matter.

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