Wednesday, December 04, 2002

5-1: Carolina looked like the Baby Heels last night, getting blown out 92-65 by a surprisingly good Illinois team. The Heels played like a team whose eight-man rotation is made up of five freshmen and three sophomores, and the Illini's balance and deep front line paid off. IMHO, the Illinois backcourt -- step-for-step as quick as Felton and McCants -- was the key to the game. The Heels' guards are clearly not accustomed to playing against guys that fast, and it showed up in turnovers, rushed shots, etc. Kentucky at the Dean Dome is next.

I remain juiced about this team, its athlecticism, its smarts, and its chemistry ... particularly after I witnessed one of the eight victories last year -- a one-point win over Binghamton, for crying out loud -- in person. It should be a great season to wear Carolina Blue.

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