Monday, June 04, 2007

I ate a hot dog/It tasted real good/And then I watched a movie from Hollywood ...

Cheepnis is back! Not the Frank Zappa song (or Zappa, for that matter), but the folks who brought you Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Mike Nelson (Mike), Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo #2, Professor Bobo) and Bill Corbett (Crow #2, Brain Guy) are reincarnated as The Film Crew. Looks like they'll be doing what they did on MST3K, just without the costumes and robots and silhouettes. "Beverage-through-the-nose funny," Kevin puts it.

OK. I'll bite. You can see samples of their new work at the Web site. ("Hollywood after dark? Looks more like Barstow after breakfast!") Then buy the DVDs from the site. If they're as sharp as they used to be, I'll let you know.

BTW, if you got all MST about the old show, you can get some of the episodes from Rhino Home Video and the rest from Michael Slusher at Michael sells fine-quality DVDs of the old shows he duped from tape plus lots of other oddities for very reasonable prices. I taped many of the episodes, but the tapes have deteriorated over the years. So I bought a bunch of discs from Michael to replace some faves that wouldn't copy to DVD on my recorder. I give his operation two thumbs WAY up.

More than happy to recommend particular episodes for anyone who's interested ...