Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sometime in February, I'll be convinced that "This is our country," too

I suppose folks got tired of Bob Seger at some point as well.

Here's a great trivia item for you: Which L.A.-based band competed with Seger for the Chevy endorsement in the '80s (and eventually lost)? Here's the answer, and the song was the title of a live CD put out in this decade. They remain one of the best live acts ever. BTW, I can find nothing online referring to the Chevy commercial, but I damn sure heard it at the time.

Meantime, check out John Mellencamp's latest composition.


The Wine Commonsewer said...

I was ready to be snarky and then I noticed the Onion logo.

BTW, when we all bitch about how awful music was in the late 1970's we forget about Bob Seger, who more or less carried the second half of the decade, musically.

Dan Patterson said...

Little Feat, Steely Dan, NRBQ, and The Buddie Rich Band did their part as well. OK, Buddy Rich and NRBQ might be a little on the esoteric side, granted, but there were some good acts around that didn't get so much airplay.

Wasn't the Yankovic Polka Band rumored be in competition for the Pacer theme? Fleetwood Mac or Waylon Jennings won the prize, or was that on Onion also?

Rick said...

To Dan's list I would add Zevon, Ry Cooder, Dave Edmunds, the Blasters and the original Fabulous T-Birds. And Leon Redbone, well, because, he's Leon.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Speaking of Tom Petty's Buried Treasure, there's another guy that carried the 1970's...or maybe I'm in a Space Time Continuum Warp.

Mrs TWC always sez that Keith Urban is Tom Petty's better looking younger brother. :-)


Rick said...

Thanks, Mike, I overlooked TP earlier. The guy really respects the roots of rock and roll and puts on an entertaining program as well.