Monday, December 12, 2005

Room to breathe

TechCentralStation has changed to TCSDaily: Technology, Commerce, Society, with a spiffy new home page and the formal acknowledgment that the site has expanded far beyond talks of telecom. TCS has been on my blogroll since the founding of the online Deregulator, and it's great to see the site grow and evolve. Congrats.

In one of the newest entries, lawprof and wine geek Stephen Bainbridge gives a thumbs-up to wineries that are capping their premium vintages with screwtops. Something I learned: California wineries that won't take the twist to screwcaps are replacing natural corks with synthetic ones. Even so, fake corks don't preserve wine well. If you plan to cellar a pricey bottle that's sealed with a bogus cork, beware: your wine could spoil within a couple of years.

We belong to the wine club at Bonny Doon Vineyard, home to some of the more unusual wines to emerge from Central California. (When you're looking for Bonny Doon on the shelves, just head for the oddball labels owner Randall Grahm commissions, such as the "ransom note" that adorns his Big House Red and Big House White -- so named because the winery's across the street from a jail.) Grahm is topping most of his domestic bottlings with the Stelvin screwcap, and as avid Bonny Doon consumers, we applaud the move. The process of uncorking a bottle may be cool. But the screwtops are idiot-proof, and yes, it is possible to reseal an unfinished bottle and (horrors!) stick it in the fridge to drink the next night.

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