Friday, February 07, 2003

Prime-time dissing: The lead editorial in today's Wall Street Journal (not yet available online for free) recounts the odd role reversal in state capitals, with a number of Democratic governors looking to cut taxes and hold the line on spending, while Republican chief executives are falling all over themselves to satiate the spending classes. Here's the clincher:

But the prize for sticking it to taxpayers goes to GOP Governor Kenny Guinn of Nevada. He told legislators last month that if they opposed his plan for nearly $1 billion in new taxes they would be guilty of "political cowardice." Mr. Guinn, a former university president, thinks merely doubling the annual business license tax of $100 per employee would be "too little." As a fast-growing state, Nevada has real needs but among them is a complete reorganization of state government before taxes are raised. Rather than tackle that tough job, Governor Guinn is scapegoating his critics.

Ouch. And amen.

Update: The WSJ editorial is now posted on the American Legislative Exchange Council's Web site.

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